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Employee Assistance Programme: The Healthy Almanac Toolkit - April 2022

Welcome to your April newsletter. Validium's Healthy Almanac is a monthly compendium supporting your wellbeing in the year ahead.

‘Bounce Back’

April is changeable, filled with ups and downs in the weather – much like our stress levels. This month, focus on understanding stress and building your resilience to it.


  • Is it essential to have a sense of purpose in life? - The benefits of having a sense of purpose explained - here

  • 5 energy boosting recipes to make you more productive - As the saying goes "you are what you eat" - here


  • 5 mindfulness techniques to make you more resilient - Simple exercises to help you better deal with stress - here

  • 5 money mistakes that make you less financially resilient - Avoid these common mistakes when it comes to managing your finances - here

Video content – Simple ways to build resilience - Watch here


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