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Validium's Healthy Almanac: July 2022

July Newsletter - Better Together

Welcome to your July newsletter. Each month, we’ll send you tips from the Validium team, designed to support your mental wellbeing. Whether you want to minimise stress, reduce absence, manage trauma or address a specific workplace issue there’s something for you here.

You know what they say, "life is better with friends and family." This month, in honour of World Friendship Day, we're celebrating the importance of relationships to our wellbeing.

Simple, easy to cook summer sharing recipes - These sharing recipes are a great way to connect with friends and family this summer.

I have social anxiety but still want to socialise - Simple steps for preventing fears and worries around social situations.

What to say to someone dealing with isolation - If you know someone isolating themselves, here’s what to say to help them feel supported

Fun, free activities to try across the UK - Searching for ways to boost your mental health outdoors? Look no further!

The 7 pillars of inclusion, and what they mean - A guide to creating an inclusive working environment where everyone feels welcome


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